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Q. Are your silver products Hallmarked?

A. Items where the silver content is over 7.75 grams per piece are hallmarked.

Q. Can we pay on-line?

A. Yes, but you must register with us first. To register go to Buy > Trade and click on `register` Please remember that sales from this site are Trade Only. We will contact you with variations to price or style before finally processing your payment.

Q. Can you do bespoke lines?

A. Yes - in the Tribal Steel range providing quantities are sufficient. Own logos are also possible subject to quantity and size of overall order.

Q. Can you provide images of stock for our use?

A. As long as you have purchased the items and can see an image online we can supply you with the image, we may not have images of brand new lines of Tribal Steel bracelets or some of the older lines of jewellery.
All images are sent Via email not on a disc, If you would like images to go with your order please add this and an email address in the 'notes' section during checkout. Alternatively, if you want images for previous purchased lines, please email us at info@midhaven.co.uk with the invoice number that you would like images sent from.

Q. Can you supply in quantity?

A. Yes, we will discuss lead times with you.

Q. Do you grant exclusivity to an area for the Tribal Steel range?

A. This is a low-priced extensive range made up of over 500 lines. Although we can`t guarantee exclusivity we try our best to prevent 2 retailers from being too close to each other by checking website applications against live existing accounts.(Live accounts are classed as customers that have ordered within the last 6 months.) Occasionally we do have supply problems, for instance when an existing account opens a new branch without informing us of their new location. We have occasionally taken orders for 2 accounts in the same town for example when we opened one account at a trade show and took a website order at the same time for a nearby shop. In this case, both parties were happy to carry on and both shops still sell the range well to this day. We use common sense, often speak to new and old parties and will often defer to the existing account.

Q. How do i find out if there is somebody in my area already selling the Tribal Steel range?

A. You can give us a call on 01299 851 513 or email us on info@midhaven.co.uk and we will be happy to look it up and discuss this with you.

Q. How do we know we can trust you?

A. We have traded for over 35 years, we are members of National Association of Jewellers and are well known in the Jewellery trade.

Q. How quickly will my order arrive?

A. Our Tribal Steel range is usually dispatched within 2 days but please tell us if your order is required for a certain date. Our jewellery range is usually sent within a week. Specials go out the same day whenever possible. Balances will take varying time depending on country of origin etc.

Q. Is it worth contacting you if I don't see quite what I want?

A. Yes. Our range is much greater than shown here. We may have other pictures or can e-mail you images.

Q. Is there an RRP for the Tribal Steel range?

A. Yes, the Recommended Retail Price for the Tribal Steel Range is x 2.7 of cost price or above. We request this is used by both High Street & online customers.

Q. Payment - what method can we use?

A. Credit or debit cards (excluding American Express), BACS or cheque. Please contact us for our bank details if you wish to pay by BACS. Payment for website orders is taken at the time.

Q. What are the best sizes of tribal bracelets to buy?

A. The average size for Men is 21cm and the average size for Women is 19cm. If you are buying a selection of bracelets we recommended you buy mainly sizes 19 and 21 and a few smaller and larger sizes (18-23) to cover different wrist sizes.

Q. What are your trading terms?

A. Payment is required before goods are dispatched. To ensure we can offer you the best possible prices we pre-pay our manufacturers 3 months prior to receiving our orders and pass on the discounts we secure. New account minimum order: £100. Repeat small order value: £25

Q. What is the quality like?

A. The Tribal Steel range is made from top quality 316L stainless steel and bolo leather. Please see extensive further details on our Fact File On Tribal. Our returns rate is under 1% and faulty goods will be exchanged providing they have not been mistreated.

Q. Where can I see the whole range?

A. Please follow these links to our trade show dates and our Agents

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