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Care of your Tribal & Silver Jewellery

To ensure the long life of your Tribal leather bracelet or necklace we suggest:

 Remove bracelets before swimming in a pool, sea or soaking in a hot tub.

Leather will lose its natural oil and shrink if you swim wearing it.

Leather can discolour if exposed to too much water.

Remove bracelets if you are sitting in direct sunlight.

Remove bracelets before applying moisturiser, sunscreen, tanning lotion or cologne. 

Keep your leather bracelets dry. 

You wouldn’t take a shower in your best leather shoes.

 Leather is a porous material and absorbs sweat, oils and dirt. 

Do not wear it during activities where you know you will sweat (the gym, for example)


 Care of your Silver Jewellery

 Most of our Silver Jewellery is Rhodium Plated or has an anti-tarnish coating to prevent tarnishing, discolouration.

 Sterling silver that has no anti-tarnish finish is prone to tarnishing.

This occurs naturally when silver reacts with sulphur or hydrogen sulphide in the ambient air. We suggest you keep your jewellery in a box or drawer when not being worn.

Polishing the sterling silver regularly, with a silver polishing cloth will prevent the tarnish from forming and keep the high shine of the sterling silver intact. However, it will not remove scratches.

 If the piece of silver jewellery has an oxidised (dark) finish, please do not rub with a silver cloth as the cleaning agents in the silver cloth may damage and fade the finish.

 If the piece of silver jewellery has a Rhodium Plating or anti-tarnish finish the safest way to clean, is to pour a small amount of a mild liquid soap in lukewarm water and use a small soft brush. Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewellery which can otherwise be difficult to clean.  Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft, clean cloth.

 Do not expose your jewellery to contact with make-up, hairsprays, creams and perfumes as they can speed up the tarnishing process of the silver and damage any Fresh Water Pearls and real stones. Avoid exposing your jewellery to household chemicals including bleach and ammonia as they can damage the metals.

 A good rule of thumb is to let the jewellery be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you remove in the evening.

 Our Silver jewellery is stamped 925. This indicates it is Sterling Silver - The highest grade of silver metal for jewellery.

 Items that have a total silver content weight of 7.78 grams will have a Hallmark.








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