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Tribal fact sheet


About Our Leather + Stainless Steel Range....

We offer high quality, very competitively priced leather and stainless-steel bracelets and necklets in over 200 designs. We are so confident this range sells well and is great value that we offer an exchange policy to allow you to swop any slow lines within a 60-day period (providing they are in perfect condition).

You can choose lines individually or we can, in discussion with you, tailor a selection for you on the understanding you can return anything within 7 days for a refund.

If you spend £250 on the Tribal Steel range you will receive a Tribal Point of Sale pack which includes a branded display stand, display card or cards and sustainable hessian drawstring pouches.

Topics covered in this Fact File:

·         LENGTHS

·         FIT

·         STYLES

·         COLOURS


·         LEATHER

·         CLASPS


·         DYES



There are several sizes in total from Kids to XXL We usually stock each style in more than one size and can discuss availability per line with you.

o   15-17cm (Kids)

o   18cm        (Petite

o   19cm        (Women)

o   20cm        (Unisex)

o   21cm        (Men)  

o   22cm        (XL Men)

o   23cm        (XXL)




For Men:  The standard size leather bracelet for men is 21cm but this will vary according to the style, thickness of leather, wrist size and comfort. 19cm is not uncommon for slimmer wrists, 20cm is popular as are the XL 22cm and XXL 23cm.

For Women: The standard size leather bracelet for women is 19cm; 18cm is good for petite wrists, 20cm or 21cm work well for a larger wrist or for a bracelet worn in bangle style.



Originally simple black braided designs with magnetic-rocker clasps for men were our outright best sellers but this has quickly developed into a more interesting and fashionable range for men, women, lads and teens. Single, double or multi-strand are available in a wide choice of colours.



Black, 3 shades of brown, tan, copper, grey, white, white pearl, bright red, mute red, berry, violet, denim, navy blue, light green, dark green, pink, orange, natural and a selection of 2-tone such as tan+black ,  black+white  and  red, white and blue.

o   Almost all designs come in black and brown.

o   We offer a choice of colours in most styles, but our selection will vary.

o   We aim to keep the colours shown on the website in stock.

o   Shades will vary, especially violet and blue.

o   Volume buyers can order any line in any colour.



o   Bracelets should not be allowed to get wet. They must be removed before washing hands, showering, bathing etc. Glue is used in some designs and bracelets could come apart if subjected to water. Dye is used in almost all cases and the possibility of transference will be increased if the leather gets wet.

o   Undue pressure should not be used on the clasps to avoid fraying or breakage.



o   The leather used in our Tribal Steel range is sourced from Egypt, India, Italy, USA and China. 

o   Cow hide, calf leather and lambskin are most commonly used.

o   The best quality bracelets are made from thicker grades of leather such as Nappa, (which is full grain, i.e.. cut from the top layer).

o   Quality Nappa leather is sometimes used in double width strips which are plaited and folded in 2 lengthways to create a supple, double thickness, high quality bracelet. (see for example T1065, T872). 

o   Lambskin is very soft and pliable. The narrow gauges i.e. 3mm-4mm bracelets or necklets will usually be hollow inside the tube, but 5mm upwards will have padding inside to maintain the shape.

o   The plaited bolo leather in 3mm-4mm will usually be hollow inside, and 5mm – 10mm will have leather inside.

o   As a general guide, higher quality plaited bracelets are more pliant and will have looser, (and therefore slightly longer), plait detail. This means the bracelet sits well, doesn’t pinch, feels good and wears well.



Our clasps are mainly 316L stainless steel.  Most of our barrel clasps are riveted on at least one side, often both. 304 stainless steel is sometimes used where the design needs slight flexibility.

Mechanical Clasps

o   Lobster or shrimp clasps (which is an extra-large lobster clasp) have a spring mechanism like most bracelet clasps. The larger the clasp the easier it is to put on. Both are popular.

o   Rocker clasps, circular tube shaped clasps have a rocker/lever mechanism that pushes and clicks into the barrel to lock.

Magnetic + safety Clasps

o   Slide-in clasps are used on some wider flat bracelets, especially men’s, and the clasp slides across the width of the bracelet and is held in place by both the metal casing and a magnet.

o   The bayonet-twist is a small barrel clasp with magnetic ends that close and then the barrel is twisted slightly until the pin locks into place.

o   A new range of strongly magnetic clasps which also have a safety- screw feature is now available.

o   Most of our magnetic-only bracelets have snug barrel fittings and a strong magnetic pull.  They are not failsafe since if the bracelet does get caught, it could come off, but our wearer trials showed that these clasps worked well during normal use.


STAINLESS STEEL – We sell 316L grade which is high grade stainless steel most commonly used in jewellery and watch manufacturing.

NICKEL CONTENT - There is a permitted, tiny amount of nickel in stainless steel, it has to be under the relevant REACH measurement of 0.88ug/CM2/week. Our latest tests (done in 2020) showed 0.5ug/CM2/week on our most popular lever clasp.



The dyes used in our Tribal Steel range are vegetable based and pass the Azo Dye Directive and the PCP, Lead Free and Chromium VI Lab tests. Lab reports are available.

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