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Tribal Silver Mascot fact sheet

Tribal Silver MASCOTS ---  Mix & Match Bracelet Designs in Silver


Initial order value £399 which relates to approximately 7 x assorted bracelets including Mascots and 7 individual  MASCOT charms and a free Acrylic Point of  Sale, with blocks and bracelet stands.

All bracelets sold with a sustainable hessian pouch and a branded recycled black box with recyclable foam insert for individual Mascots sales.   


•            Midhaven Ltd, are launching their new range of men’s sterling silver bracelets with fully interchangeable charm-clasps.


•             Beautifully crafted, this is a truly original and striking range in 925 silver.


•             Choose from over 70 feature Mascot clasps and 10 different bracelet styles.


•             Your customers can create their own individual look by purchasing an extra MASCOT or bracelet style, this will greatly increase the combination of looks to suit mood or occasion.   

               There are many options to ‘Mix & Match’ – therefore offering great scope for reselling to your customers.


•             Each MASCOT has a symbolic meaning which enhances the personal and sentimental value. Integrity, Strength, Protection, Family are just a few themes.


•             MASCOTS come with a limited 1-year guarantee which confirms this as a top quality range.


•             RRP’s for a complete MB Leather Hex bracelet including MASCOT: small mascot £85.00, medium mascot £95.00 and large mascot £105.00 .


•          Bespoke designs are possible for small volume orders.

 •          Midhaven are sole distributors of this innovative range.


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